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NFL: how great will Tom Brady be at 40?

Tom Brady will enter the upcoming season with the New England Patriots as a 40-year old quarterback. The position has been unforgiving for the majority of players that have attempted to lead a team at that age.

However, Brady has been shattering the mold of what aging quarterbacks are able to accomplish as their careers advance. Last year the 39-year old advanced to a seventh Super Bowl appearance and a fifth Lombardi trophy.

Not only did ‘Tom Terrific’ excel in the playoffs, his regular season statistics were equally amazing registering 28 Touchdowns, two interceptions and 3,554 yards on the season in which he played a total of 12 games.

The only quarterback to have a decent campaign over the 40-year old mark was NFL legend Warren Moon, who in 1997 was selected to a Pro-Bowl and led the league with 245.2 passing yards per game.

At this juncture in his career, Brady will be competing against his own records so to speak. The ultimate goal will be to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl, the additions of wide receiver Brandin Cooks and cornerback Stephon Gilmore give the team a boost on offense as well as defense.

Barring any catastrophic injuries, the Patriots should be able to accomplish another 12-14 win season, the AFC East is a relatively weak division that New England will dominate for another season.

The roster is loaded on the offensive side of the football while the defense is more than capable of being an efficient squad. Bill Belichick is still the best coach in the NFL and will give Brady the opportunity to have the best season a 40-year old quarterback has ever had.

If Brady plays at the pace and productivity of last season, that would suffice to prove that he can still perform at the highest level despite his age. However individual statistics will not be the marker for a successful season if the Patriots do not advance to a Super Bowl with the firepower they possess.

The defending champions will have much to prove this upcoming season and Brady will be the first to set the expectations and lead the team with his on field performance, with the Oakland Raiders rising to contention behind their young star Derek Carr and a worthy opponent in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the revamping Denver Broncos.

The tandem of Brady and Belichick is a proven formula, the Patriots are still the favorites to come out of the AFC and contend for a Super Bowl this season.

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