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Should all athletes use the new Under Armour sleepwear?

Under Armour and NFL quarterback Tom Brady are partnering up again, this time to introduce a new ground breaking product for professional athletes.Under Armour claim that this new sleep wear equipped with bio ceramic material inside the fabric, will assist athletes in recovering from their strenuous training schedules, as well as reduce inflammation in the body.

Brady being at an advanced age in football years, 39, claims that this product is the real deal and helps his body recover after practice and games. CEO of Under Armour Kevin Plank introduced the sleep wear and announced a follow up sleep app that will give users data and feedback on their sleeping habits.

Now you are probably thinking all this smart pajamas technology is going to have a large price tag, you would be right, Under Armour is pricing at around $100 and $80 per piece. So if rest and recovery is that important to you, buying these pieces might help your cause. Some may be skeptical about the actual power behind this new technology and if it really works on the body.

In an interview with WEEI Kirk and Callahan show, Brady was asked about the new sleep wear and said”It’s a no brainer,it’s an incredible product and I am not going to waste my time on anything that doesn’t work”.

Many people might not buy into this new campaign, but having one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time endorse and assist in developing this product will generate demand by the sheer fact that Brady is associated.

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